a tale of two profiles

I made my return to OkCupid a few days ago. I created two profiles: one for dating and one for casual sex. Why two? Because I don’t know what the fuck I want, and you get a scarlet letter for admitting that “hey, I’m also just down to fuck.” on a regular profile.

Considering my age, my race, and the fact that I am not attractive, I have received a decent amount of views and likes. Unfortunately, the messages I have received have been from women who are states away and I’m pretty sure two of them are bots.

For the dating profile I received a like from a woman today. I have no interest in her. She’s heavy. She has a kid. And she has “Christian and very serious about it” listed. She also had breathing as one of the things she could never do without. It irks me a tad when people take that question seriously. I always understood it to be playful. Of course you can’t do without breathing and water.

The casual sex profile has only gotten visitors. None of them have casual sex listed as something they are looking for so I’m not going to contact them.


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