fun with kik 2.1

This post tacks onto the one I wrote yesterday about the woman I didn’t find attractive possibly rejecting me. That didn’t happen because I didn’t send a picture.

We chatted a bit and in between texts she would send a picture. It was not helping the situation. If anything, the more pictures she sent the worse it got. I could tell from her profile photo that she was an older lady. She has a short old lady body. You know the one where they are not fat, but also not skinny and have the skinny legs? She also has the classic older lesbian haircut. And she had a Rosie O’Donnell smile. Where it doesn’t look like she’s smiling, she’s just showing you her teeth? That kind of smile.

I tried to steer the conversation away from photos because they were not doing it for me. In one of the photos she looked like she was getting ready to attack the person taking the picture. Why would you send that to someone? She kept dropping hints that she was only looking for a hook-up. Whew! A way out.Then she sent me a picture of her in black lace panties with her legs spread. Yikes! I told her we were looking for different things and I got the hell out of that conversation. Felt like I was looking at someone’s grandma.



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