fun with kik

I always thought kik was for teenagers. It probably is, but thanks to perusing craigslist ads I have discovered that a lot of adults use it too. I started a kik account and attached my kik name to my post. I received a response from a woman that was one or two words. I played along for a little while thinking at some point she would surprise me with a complete sentence. She didn’t.

Once it got to the point where I felt like my head was going to explode, I told her that the conversation sucked (I put it a little nicer than that, but that was how I felt). Her response was to send me a picture of her tits. I thanked her and once again reiterated that I was not interested. I told her that even though I thought her tits were nice, I was looking for good conversation. Her response to that was to send me a picture of her pussy. She kept sending me suggestive pictures. I asked her if she was looking for a fuck buddy. She said yes. I told her that I was not interested in that and asked her to stop sending me pictures.

Fuck my luck. Now, if I were looking for a fuck buddy there is no way I would have ever gotten that lucky.


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